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Photo ‘hunting’ in the winter time:

With this program we go photo-‘hunting’ for animals near our camp area. With our good hunting skills we can get very close up positions and make sure you are always in a safe distance of the animals in the best positions for making pictures and to get close up looks of the animals.

You have the chance of seeing musk oxen, caribous, birds, foxes, white hare, the beautiful nature, northern light and not at least the magnificent ice-cap of Greenland close up.

View of the ice-cap

near camp

Dog sledge

Musk oxen hunt  winter our main product:

The winter hunt is the best time for hunting musk oxen.

The hunting for musk oxen is 1st priority. You also have the option to go small game hunting.  Beside that we do our best to make sure that you get a pleasant stay. We work hard and carefully on the preparation of your trophy. We have a good team behind us, with good specialized local hunters to make sure that you get as much out of your stay as possible.

Not needed to be in a good physical condition to go hunting in the winter time.

Expect a good time!

This is just a little ‘taste’ of our programs, for more information we will forward you to an agent near you ...

Musk oxen hunt, Fall,:

For the summer hunt we fly to/from camp near the ice-cap with a helicopter. From there  we go hunting in the extreme beautiful and undisturbed hunting area during the summer seasons. The hunt include hunting 1 musk ox or 1 caribou. Or you can book the hunt with one of each.

Photo hunting 2020:

Ph 1: 15. - 21. Febr.  -  Booked

Ph 2: 21. - 26. Febr.  -  Booked

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For photo inspiration:

Natur Foto by

Wolfgang Schäfer

Grönland Schneehühner

Grönland Moschus 02/12

Grönland Polarlichter 03/11

Grönland 02/10

Grönland Moschus

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